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About Translations


At weRtranslations, we adhere to the Translator’s Code of Ethics and provide high quality translation services:


We provide accurate translations, which preserve the meaning, style and register of the source document.


weRtranslations and our translators respect, under all circumstances, the confidentiality and privacy of the information contained in all documentation provided by the client.


We are accountable for the work we provide. We recognize and acknowledge translation mistakes to rectify them even when the translation has been completed, in order to maintain client satisfaction, avoid potential liability and risk issues.

What we do to ensure the quality of our translations

  • WeRtranslations collaborates only with certified and experienced linguists, translating and proofreading only into their native language.
  • Depending on the project, we can create glossaries and style guides specific to your project to streamline the process for future projects you may have.
  • We take your feedback very seriously! Your comments at the completion of a project will help us improve our services, our processes and be more prepared when you send us your next project.

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